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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 Richard Gagliardi  2 WEST WOODS DR  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-09      Details 
 LA Roofing & Siding LLC  4 LINCOLN RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-09      Details 
 NERI CORP THE  11 NOD PL  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-09      Details 
 L-TRAIN ELECTRIC,LLC.  81 GLENWOOD RD  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-09      Details 
 Milardo Construction L.L.C.  28 DELWOOD AVE  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-09      Details 
 Martin Roofing & Remodeling, LLC  8 DIAMOND DR  Building Permit  Sign Offs Complete  2020-07-09      Details 
 Kramer Restoration LLC  31 WILLOW LN  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-08      Details 
 Klaus Larsen LLC  8 NOD LN  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-08      Details 
 DAVID FOSTER  72 GROVE ST  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-07      Details 
 DAVID FOSTER  15 LOCHBOURN DR  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-07      Details 
 Hammonasset Construction LLC  11 NOD PL  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-07      Details 
 Erie Construction  8 MARGO LN  Building Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-07      Details 
 RICHARDS BROTHERS FARM LLC  3 Marshview Drive, Lot 29  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2020-07-07      Details 
 Nancy Cohen  23 CHRISTINA CT  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2020-07-06      Details 
 Emily Smith  15 BRICKYARD RD  Plumbing Permit  Fee Paid  2020-07-06      Details 
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