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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 Jason Gosselin  38 SOLS POINT RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-29      Details 
 ARNOLD GOLDBERG  7 VAN DYKE LN  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-29      Details 
 leonard golbert  7 VAN DYKE LN  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-29      Details 
 SKIDMORE KENNETH J and DANA M (JT)  33 UNCAS RD  Building Permit  Waiting for Signoff  2021-07-29      Details 
 David W. Middleton  4 NOD CT  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-29   E-21-0682  2021-07-29  Details 
 benjamin foley  89 COMMERCE ST  Building Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-29   B-21-0689  2021-07-29  Details 
 benjamin foley  89 COMMERCE ST  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-29   E-21-0690  2021-07-29  Details 
 benjamin foley  89 COMMERCE ST  Plumbing Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-29   PL-21-0691  2021-07-29  Details 
 Charles Bernier  21 CARTER HILL RD  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-29      Details 
 Edmond Prunier  11 JAMES VINCENT DR  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-28      Details 
 Jane Woodmansee  55 CHURCH ST  Sign Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-28      Details 
 Gaetana torres  40 JEFFERSON CIR  Zoning Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-28   Z-21-0677  2021-07-28  Details 
 Mark McGinley  115 NOD RD  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  2021-07-28   E-21-0685  2021-07-29  Details 
 Gregory Albright  4 WATROUS RD  Electrical Permit  Ready For Payment  2021-07-28      Details 
 TORRES LUIS MARTIN SR and GAETANA N  40 JEFFERSON CIR  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-07-28      Details 
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