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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 Klaus Larsen LLC  84 OLDE ORCHARD RD  Building Permit  Waiting for Signoff  2021-12-01      Details 
 D`Amato Construction Co., Inc.  12 KELSEYTOWN BRIDGE RD  Demolition Permit  Preliminary  2021-12-01      Details 
 Timothy Keilty  2 Marshview Dr  Plumbing Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 Timothy Keilty  2 Marshview Dr  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND WINDOWS  21 WATERSIDE LN  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 Mitchel A Smith  3 COLONIAL CT  Plumbing Permit  Waiting for Signoff  2021-11-30      Details 
 Charles Bernier  13 WHITEWOOD RD  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 John Barker  69 KELSEYTOWN RD  Plumbing Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 Joseph DeFilippo  123 IRONWORKS RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-30      Details 
 GERARD LEFRANCOIS  77 FAIRY DELL RD  Plumbing Permit  Waiting for Signoff  2021-11-30      Details 
 Mark Giaconia  20 LINDERA LN  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-29      Details 
 William Moran Builders  42 HAMMOCK RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2021-11-29      Details 
 peter guarino  56 WEST MAIN ST  Building Permit  Waiting for Signoff  2021-11-29      Details 
 Beltran-Mora, Darwin  50 JEFFERSON CIR  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  2021-11-29   E-21-1119  2021-12-01  Details 
 Darwin Beltran-Mora  50 JEFFERSON CIR  Building Permit  Permit Issued  2021-11-29   B-21-1118  2021-12-01  Details 
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