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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 BRIE LONGO  11 JOSHUA LN  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-10      Details 
 Philip Hayes Builder, Inc  29 SHORE RD  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-10      Details 
 Francis E. D`Urso    Vendor Permit  Pending  2019-07-10      Details 
 TERAN ANDREW M  37 GROVE ST  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-10      Details 
 Ronald Winslow  70 EAST MAIN ST  Plumbing Permit  Permit Issued  2019-07-10   PL-19-0544  2019-07-10  Details 
 Jeff Davis  28 OSPREY COMMONS  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-10      Details 
 DANIELS OIL COMPANY INC  20 TOWER HILL RD  H.V.A.C. Permit  Permit Issued  2019-07-09   H-19-0545  2019-07-10  Details 
 FRIEDMAN RON  61 RIVER RD  Building Permit  Permit Issued  2019-07-09   B-19-0552  2019-07-11  Details 
 ALARCON FREDY MAURICIO CORDOVA and  9 DELWOOD AVE  Plumbing Permit  Permit Issued  2019-07-09   PL-19-0546  2019-07-11  Details 
 SAJ III, LLC  34 RIVERSIDE DR  Building Permit  Preliminary  2019-07-09      Details 
 Philip Hayes Builder, Inc  59 SHORE RD  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-09      Details 
 Sunrun  44 BEACH RD  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-09      Details 
 Jessica Hackley  9 FIR RIDGE RD  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2019-07-09      Details 
 D`Amato Construction Inc  12 KELSEYTOWN BRIDGE RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2019-07-08      Details 
 BAUTZ DAVID M TRUSTEE  11 TIDEWATER LANE  Plumbing Permit  Permit Issued  2019-07-08   PL-19-0540  2019-07-09  Details 
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