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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 LANZA STEPHEN F and TOBIN BARBARA  10 CAPTAINS WALK  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2017-10-18      Details 
 GARCIA MARGARITA  43 BRICKYARD RD  Building Permit  Preliminary  2017-10-18      Details 
 MORSE JEFFREY & LAURA  9 NUTMEG DR  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-18      Details 
 vincent grillo  99 AIRLINE RD  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-18      Details 
 JIM TURNBULL  39 MAPLEWOOD DR  Plumbing Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-18      Details 
 Darcie Roy/National Sign Corp  252 EAST MAIN ST  Sign Permit  Preliminary  2017-10-16      Details 
 Denys Crowley  20 KILLINGWORTH TPKE  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-16      Details 
 David Patelli  8 LIBERTY RIDGE  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-16      Details 
 JOHN BERRY  208 COW HILL RD  Electrical Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-16      Details 
 Troy V Casey  19 CHRISTOPHER LN  H.V.A.C. Permit  Permit Issued  2017-10-16   H-17-0847  2017-10-17  Details 
 William Moran Builders  24 GROVE WAY  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2017-10-16      Details 
 Zkbuilders LLC  12 SOLS POINT RD  Building Permit  Pending  2017-10-15      Details 
 David Hemming  20 KILLINGWORTH TPKE  Sign Permit  Preliminary  2017-10-13      Details 
 Nero Air Conditioning and Heating Inc  115 NOD RD  H.V.A.C. Permit  Preliminary  2017-10-13      Details 
 Chris Psillas  12 KELSEY RD  Building Permit  CO Issued  2017-10-13   B-17-0848  2017-10-17  Details 
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