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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Issue Date Details
 JASMIN LUCKY  41 STANTON RD  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2018-03-16      Details 
 Richard J. King  44 SOLS POINT RD  H.V.A.C. Permit  Fee Paid  2018-03-16      Details 
 QUALITY PROPANE  35 MAPLEWOOD DR  Plumbing Permit  Fee Paid  2018-03-16      Details 
 Alex Mizger III  55 LIBERTY ST  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2018-03-15      Details 
 Alex Mizger III  55 LIBERTY ST  Electrical Permit  Preliminary  2018-03-15      Details 
 philip christian corarito    Vendor Permit  Preliminary  2018-03-15      Details 
 Andrew Piazza  111 HIGH ST  Building Permit  Permit Issued  2018-03-15   B-18-0143  2018-03-16  Details 
 Amaris Jattan  10 BEACH RD  Electrical Permit  Pending  2018-03-14      Details 
 Connect Electric Inc  108 WEST MAIN ST  Electrical Permit  Pending  2018-03-14      Details 
 MVJJ LLC  14 ROCKY LEDGE DR  Building Permit  Fee Paid  2018-03-14      Details 
 New Haven Sign Co  108 WEST MAIN ST  Sign Permit  Fee Paid  2018-03-14      Details 
 DAVID FOSTER  10 BUELL CT  H.V.A.C. Permit  Fee Paid  2018-03-13      Details 
 Louis Parker  20 A KILLINGWORTH TPKE  Electrical Permit  Pending  2018-03-13      Details 
 SBB INC  115 NOD RD  Building Permit  Pending  2018-03-13      Details 
 Paul Czarnowski  26 WILLOW LN  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  2018-03-12   E-18-0144  2018-03-16  Details 
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